We match you with education programs that can advance your career—and we show you how to increase the ROI on your skillbuilding. So your investment leads to more earnings, faster.
If you are
  • Looking for additional education to climb the corporate ladder
  • Need help knowing the actual skills and/or certificates that will set you apart from other candidates
  • Exploring a career change
  • Interested in making a passion a career
...We’ll help you navigate the next steps.
AcademME uses real time Labor Market Information (LMI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to parse data from thousands of job sources, describing specific skills, education, and experience requirements. So you’ll see labor market trends, and the skills needed to advance--and find the jobs aligned with your goals.
  • Sign Up for AcademME (It’s free!)
  • Tell us your current position and career goals
  • See the background needed to land your dream job
  • Prioritize the skills you want to develop based on market demand and ROI
  • Find the programs to match your needs—and connect with them
To compare the best options to learn any skill, use AcademME. We’ll help plan your future.
You need additional skills to advance at your current company.
You want to find a job, but don’t know what your resume needs or where to get it
You want to stand out from your competition, and ensure you have the “right” skills to land the role
You don’t know the next steps for your career, and want to explore education options to make a smart decision
You want new challenges
You want to pursue a dream
Unemployment rates and Salary education comparisonHERE
Chart Form:College Payoff
Don’t pursue education to learn at random.
AcademME helps you meet local market’s needs, so your upskilling matches labor demand.
You’ve made the wise decision to upskill. Now, let AcademME help you do it smartly.


You’ve responded to student needs. You’ve launched new programs targeting labor’s demand, and want to help students advance in their careers. And you’re proud of your institution. But as the fight for enrollment intensifies, there’s more competition, and recruiting is increasingly difficult.
Quality providers shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars per student to market programs. AcademME wants you to have easy access to the people who want (and NEED) to find you.
Our platform matches your programs to labor market needs, and identifies the most attractive applicants who can benefit from your offerings.
  • Claim your AcademME Program Profile Page
  • Highlight the key data, and market your offerings as you see best
  • Use AcademME to replicate a campus visit
  • Run custom searches for students based on your enrollment criteria
  • Get to know members quickly and efficiently, and engage them directly on AcademME via live video chat
  • Reach out to potential applicants
  • As a subscribing provider, get exclusive access to our B2B clients.
The typical student
Our students are post-secondary. They've finished a degree, usually a Bachelor's or Associate's, and they're looking to increase their earning potential.
But not just that: they crave more of a challenge, to take on more responsibility in their career and learn more along the way.
The standard AcademMe member is
  • Pursuing continuing education to advance their career
  • Searching for a graduate degree or certificate for personal objective/interest
  • Supplementing their education with additional credentials for a better chance of employment after graduation
  • Changing careers, and using education as a vehicle to success


Hiring employees is expensive. In fact, The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates the cost of replacing an employee can run as high as 50 to 60 percent of their annual salary. And total associated turnover costs can reach 90 to 200 percent. Not to mention the time commitment.
You can lower this cost by investing in your current team.
Upskilling your employees saves you money, builds loyalty, and gives your team a clear pathway for advancement. Using AcademME, you can guide your employees’ growth in the exact areas your firm needs. You’ll increase the value of your human capital, retain your employees’ institutional and industry knowledge, and you can focus on filling easier-to-staff positions.
Using the same approach as our external product, AcademME will create a company-branded interface. Your employees can identify and obtain skills to earn promotions, and see exactly how their careers can progress at your company. They’ll easily find providers that offer the skills they need (including those you specifically select) at reduced prices, and which might be eligible for your education benefits.


Your product is tailor-made for students, but reaching them is difficult. And connecting on Instagram, Snapchat, or Facebook isn’t as easy as it seems… or affordable.
On AcademME, potential students house all their education research and materials in one place, presenting you an audience predisposed to be interested in your products.
Offering textbook rentals, application counseling, student housing, or another student-centered product? Your customers are right here.