About Us


Globally, regardless of education level, demographics, income, or locale everyone should have affordable and easy access to education opportunities throughout their life.


By improving the student-provider matching process and by focusing both on improving student choice and lowering education provider costs, AcademME will constantly strive to improve and increase access to career enhancing continuing education opportunities.


Honesty | Diligence | Persistence | Inquisitive and Receptive | Identifying and Solving Problems | Committed to Achieving our Vision and Mission

AcademME’s Philosophy

AcademME works with potential students to find their best education options while simultaneously working with education providers to lower their recruitment costs. AcademME enables potential students to make informed decisions about their education by curating the overwhelming number of education options based on a student’s personal search criteria. We believe in matching potential students with providers based on a student’s criteria, not paid algorithms. Simultaneously, we believe by aggregating potential students on AcademME, providers can efficiently connect with potential students. Ultimately, we want to increase student options, save providers money, and hopefully lower the overall cost of higher education.

AcademME is provider neutral. We provide you information about colleges and universities, online providers (Coursera, Udemy), credentialing organizations (General Assembly, Flat Iron), and vocational programs. We refer to this group collectively as education providers or just providers.

How AcademME Works

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What makes AcademME unique?

First, AcademME is the only platform that is education provider neutral. Whether you are interested in a traditional degree, an online program, continuing education, or a credential from a vocational program, we enable you to compare and contrast all your options. Currently, there are more education providers than ever before, but as a potential student there is no way to compare them all. Our goal is to provide you all the information about the options meeting your interests. We find the programs for you.

Second, AcademME makes it easy, affordable, and efficient for education providers to find and connect with potential students. Because of the increasing competition for students, education providers now aggressively market to and recruit students for their programs. In fact, some providers now spend up to $15,000.00 USD per student to convince them to enroll in their programs.1 More competition hasn’t lowered the cost of education though because these recruitment costs aren’t absorbed by providers. Instead, they are passed on to students in the form of higher fees, increased tuition, and decreased offerings and services. Scarily, because of the increasing cost to recruit students, education providers fear their marketing expenditures will rise from $10 billion a year to over $100 billion annually2, which means even higher tuition in the future. By providing providers one place to connect with potential students, AcademME can save them money.

Third, AcademME is designed around profit-sharing. Ultimately, we want to bend higher education’s cost curve down, but right now we want to help you afford your education too. AcademME intends to share a portion of our revenue with potential students to help them pay for their education. Every time potential students and providers match, AcademME intends to reward potential students with funds they can use for their education.

How We Help Potential Students:

Your interest in education is an asset, and with AcademME you can control that asset.

AcademME serves as a one-stop-shop for exploring education options. Potential students create FREE profiles with their key information and AcademME matches them with education providers based on their personal search criteria and the providers’ options. Unlike other sites, potential students set their own search criteria, control their own level of engagement, and even passively can explore their education options. AcademME takes the burden of finding programs off of you. By letting providers know your interests, they can market their programs to you.

  • Have you ever considered a graduate degree to advance your career?
  • Are you unsure of how to find and compare programs?
  • Have you ever wanted to make a hobby or interest a career?
  • Have you ever just had some spare time and wanted to put the internet to “better” use?

AcademME can help answer all these questions for you. Importantly too, AcademME houses all your information in our secure system. So, rest easy, you don’t have to give another marketer your personal email! Our goal is for you to easily and successfully explore as many opportunities as possible. The first step is creating a profile.

How We Help Education Providers:

AcademME is as a mission driven platform focused on helping education providers affordably engage with and recruit students. We know the flaws of the current system. We know how expensive it is, and we know how frustrating it can be. With AcademME you don’t have to fight for space on your homepage, haggle with your ad agency about placements, travel to expensive fairs, or buy expensive lists with diminishing returns. Universities are being asked to do more with less, we are here to help you accomplish that.

With AcademME, you easily create custom interactive branded pages to market your programs to AcademME users. You can create custom searches for students, post your latest achievements, host interactive town-halls and events, conduct virtual tours, and communicate directly with potential applicants.

  • Have you ever wanted to control your own online marketing and recruitment?
  • Have you ever wanted to analytically and in real-time micro-target students?
  • Do you want to more effectively find and communicate with potential students?
  • Do you want to reduce your recruitment costs and help lower the cost of higher education?

Now you can. AcademME is focused on saving you time and money while simultaneously broadening your applicant pool. Creating your custom page(s) is as easy as dragging and dropping the features you want, where you want them. We make this process intuitive and effortless, and we can tie directly into your current feeds to help automate content.

For more information, please email us at info@academme.co.

1 AcademME calculations based on information from 2U’s 2015 and 2016 10K reports, available here.

2 Inside HigherED Op-Ed. John Katzman. April 18, 2006. Available at: https://www.insidehighered.com/views/2016/04/18/too-much-being-spent-higher-education-marketing-assault-essay